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Dr MexicoHow much do you spend for your dental care? Thousands of Americans are not covered with any dental insurance. Some do, but the coverage is never enough. This is partly the reason why health care costs have risen: with the lack of money, it’s just too difficult for them to properly take care of themselves, especially their oral care. However, over the past few years, we’ve seen the dramatic increase of U.S. citizens who travel to Tijuana to have themselves taken care of, particularly their dental problems. Dr. Mexico – Tijuana Dentist Center, and all the members of the dental team, can guarantee that you will have the best care and experience with us. Our clinic offers the following advantages such as the following:


1. We sit very close to the U.S. border.

We are less than 25 minutes from San Diego Airport (in normal traffic conditions and customs process). You can also take public transportation and ride the electric-trolley train from the city to the border, walk the pedestrian lane to the clinic, or bring your car in and receive a fast pass that takes you to the medical lane, reducing your U.S. Customs time to only 20 minutes. Being near also means you can choose to have your treatment done and return to the United States in a day. However, Tijuana is beautiful. It would be great if you can spend at least a day or two here. Some hotels are close to us or have affordable or complimentary shuttle service to and from the clinic.

2. Tijuana is actually a peaceful and stable city.

Contrary to how media paints us, Tijuana is peaceful and safe, especially for dental tourists. We still have some petty crimes, but our crime rate is certainly lower than other metropolitan cities in the United States. By exercising sensibility, you will be okay here.

3. We offer excellent-quality service at a very affordable price.

receptionThe main reason why many prefer to cross Tijuana is because they can take advantage of excellent dental care services at 65% to 75% of the U.S. prices for the same procedures. All our services are also covered with a guarantee, which says that if you encounter issues that are caused by our own fault, we can fix the problem at no extra cost (certain terms and conditions apply). Dr. Mexico – Tijuana Dentist Center invests not only in state of the art equipment, but most importantly in people. We have great dentists, who have been practicing for many years. All our dentists are certified by the Board of Dentistry in Mexico. They have been educated by top universities in the country and some have received education internationally such as the United States. We only have the best interest of our patients in mind. Thus, only specialists are allowed to perform jobs that also require advanced knowledge, expertise, and experience, such as root canals and dental implants. Our team runs like a well-oiled machine, with the help of Cesi Pedrazo, who acts as our patient coordinator. He handles everything you need, including setting up schedules and appointments, managing your dental trip, and even making hotel reservations. Your smile is extremely precious and priceless. It’s your ticket to self-confidence, career growth, and better quality of life. Take care of it by letting us handle your dental treatments.

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Our Team

Elizabeth Orozco
Main Dentist

Alejandra Castellanos

Carolina Ruiz

Aniria Castellanos

Charis Rosario
Dental Assistant

Francis San Juan
Dental Assistant

Silvia Gonzalez
Patient Coordinator

Zeidy Urias

Edna Mora

Dra. Gabrielle Torres
Medical Services

James Crayne


Dr. Alejandra Castellanos Aguilera
Profession: Surgeon, Dentist
Education: (UABC) Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Campus Tijuana

With seven years experience as a dentist, she has worked in well known clinics with patients from the U.S.A and Canada who wanted to recover their oral health. For her, it is very important to have clear communication with the patient, as well as educate them to have the necessary information to help guide their recovery, both functionally and aesthetically. The areas of dentistry that she specializes in are prosthetics and cosmetic surgery.