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Sometimes treatments take some time to complete. To save you a good amount of time, money, and fuel, we highly encourage that you stay in Tijuana instead on the US side. Also, this will save you the hassle of going through US Customs multiple times. Also, we can arrange transportation from your hotel in Mexico, but cannot assist you on the US side of the border.

Our city is incredibly vibrant, both day and night. It is progressive but laid-back, so you can still feel relaxed. It’s also a great way to acquaint yourself to Mexican culture, especially that of our city.

There are also a number of excellent hotels that can accommodate you during your dental holiday:

Lucerna Hotel

Lucerna Hotel is one of our most recommended accommodation options because it’s just beautiful. Our patients who have stayed here always sing praises to Lucerna. It has incredibly beautiful rooms, a swimming pool, and even an exercise room. It offers two restaurants, but it’s also surrounded by other dining options, some of which provide live music at nights. Moreover, it has a shuttle van that can pick you up and drop you off to our clinic.

Price: $88 (excluding tax)

Ticuan Hotel

Ticuan Hotel is a less expensive alternative to Lucerna. Located near the historic part of downtown, it brings you a lot closer to touristic areas such as Revolucion Avenue. It’s a new hotel with 4-star ratings, with great restaurants. Like Lucerna, it has a pickup from and drop-off service to our clinic.

Price: $52 (excluding tax)

Tijuana Grand Hotel

It definitely stands by its name since this is truly a very grand hotel, one of the largest accommodation choices in the city. As a five-star hotel, it provides excellent service and amenities, including over 3 restaurants, a state-of-the-art exercise room or gym, and a pool that gives you an amazing view of the city, especially at night. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you may also like the fact that it has its own tennis court and the famous Tijuana golf course is just right beside it. Moreover, if you value peace and quiet, this is a good choice. The hotel can drop you off at our clinic, and after your time with us, you can just ride a taxi for a small fee.

Price: $75 (excluding tax)