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Why Tijuana is the Best Place for Dental Tourism?

Mexico has become the leading destination for dental tourism worldwide, with Tijuana on top.

Saving money is the first thing that pops up whenever we hear about medical tourism. And the rising costs won’t change as long as North America considers dental healthcare a “cosmetic luxury” instead of a necessity. And this is why dental tourism in Tijuana, Mexico, is blooming. 

From affordable and top-notch dental care — here are six reasons Tijuana is the best place for dental tourism

Tijuana, Mexico Dental Tourism: An Overview

Tijuana dental services reflect that of the more significant Mexican dental tourism industry. Mexico has become one of the leading destinations for quality dental care as most dentists receive training in the USA and Europe. And many run fully equipped and state-of-the-art clinics across Tijuana and other major cities.

Aside from that, the costs are equally as impressive. 

For instance, a dental implant in Tijuana will only cost you approximately $1,800, starkly contrasting the minimum $3,000 in the USA. Another example is getting a dental crown, whereas one can cost you up to $1,200 in the USA, which is way more expensive than Tijuana’s $300 average.

Therefore, you save nearly 80% on dental implants, even in the city’s most famous and reputed dental clinics.

Why is Tijuana the Best Place for Dental Tourism?

If you’re still unconvinced, here are six reasons why Tijuana, Mexico, is the best place for dental tourism:

Dental Care is More Affordable 

Most Tijuana dental clinics charge around 35% of the cost you would’ve incurred in the United States. That means visiting a dental facility here will cost you 65% less. 

The reason why many offer affordable services is that they follow the dental tourism model. The price of dental services is usually at an all-time high in developed nations like the USA. Dental tourism offers a solution by allowing patients from countries with high treatment costs to seek dental services from those offering similar services at lower prices, such as Mexico.

Hence, if you visit any trusted dental facility in Tijuana, you’ll receive top-quality dental services at lower rates than what you’d pay if you got the same level of care in the United States. And these lower operating costs allow clinics to provide excellent dental services at highly competitive prices relative to the USA.

Tijuana Has Some of the Best Dentists in the Industry

Considering most of Tijuana’s dentists receive their training in the United States, it’s no wonder many dub them some of the best practitioners in the industry. After all, the U.S. is home to some of the best dentistry schools in the world, producing competent, reliable, and top-notch dentists.

Besides that, they have to abide by Mexico’s strict federal norms and policies. These include proper handling of medical case files to epidemiological oversight, ensuring your safety and security. 

With these policies in place alongside the intensive training they’ve undergone, it’s safe to say your teeth will be in safe hands in Tijuana!

Faster Dental Work 

You can have dental work done in a short time frame in Tijuana. Except for some treatments requiring more than one visit or those needing a follow-up, it’s acceptable to get a lot of work done quickly.

Because of the extended wait times and packed schedules of medical professionals in the United States, scheduling an appointment in Tijuana will be faster. With this, you can escape the dreaded multi-month wait for popular dental procedures standard in U.S. dental offices.

Easy Scheduling and Appointment Processes 

Another reason Tijuana has become one of the leading destinations in Mexico for dental tourism is how easy the process is! After all, not only do the most well-known practices provide free consultation, but they also provide patients with a straightforward scheduling and appointment procedure. 

Moreover, many Tijuana dental clinics accept U.S. insurance, saving you more money. And finally, some also offer transportation and logistic assistance, making your visit more convenient.

Tijuana, Mexico, is Accessible 

Of all the leading dental tourism spots in Central America or Asia, Mexico is the nearest destination for American patients.

If you have your U.S. passport, crossing the San Ysidro border from San Diego is easy. And it’ll even be easier to enter the country if you have a Global Entry/SENTRI designation.

The most seamless way to reach Tijuana, Mexico, is via car, arriving at the border crossing during off-peak times like the crack of dawn, reducing wait time and stress.

Regardless of your transportation, going to Mexico will be the most affordable choice for American patients. After all, it’s one border away and will have lower travel costs than going to places such as Thailand.

Guarantees An Experience Like No Other

Dental tourism in Tijuana guarantees an experience like no other. After all, where else can you enjoy quality and affordable dental care and vacation in one trip? Not only is the city one of the top destinations for dental tourism, but it’s also one of the most sought-after spots for international vacations. 

Tijuana offers unique experiences to visitors, from delicious food and drinks to rich history and culture. Therefore, if your dental procedure needs a follow-up or a few days of rest, there’s no better place than Tijuana!

Traveling to Tijuana for Dental Work

Since Tijuana is on the US-Mexico border, you’ll have several ways to reach the city: 


Many residents near the US-Mexico border prefer walking through it since it can save them from the hassle of driving. Remember to always have your U.S. passport with you as you’ll need it to re-enter the country.

You can also consider hiring a cab to enter Tijuana. It’ll save you from the hassle of driving and parking.


If you wish to drive to Tijuana, Mexico, for oral healthcare needs, you must get valid Mexican Car Insurance.


Remember to fill out the FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) form, as you will need it when returning to the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are so many dentists situated in Tijuana, Mexico?

A: With low living costs, top-quality dental equipment, and an easy-to-reach location, Tijuana has become the go-to city for dental care in Mexico. After all, what dentist would not accept these favorable conditions? It allows them to help more patients and build their reputation.

Q: Why is Tijuana a popular spot for dental tourism?

A: With a simple hop from the border, from San Diego to Tijuana, you can access quality and affordable dental care. Treatment costs will be reduced once you reach the city, saving you up to 70% less than in the United States.

Q: Is getting dental work done in Tijuana cheaper?

A: Although Tijuana dental clinics use the same quality materials and equipment in the United States, you can expect savings between 50% and 75% in the clinic. For instance, the average dental crown cost in the US is around $1,200 to $2,000. Meanwhile, in Tijuana, you’ll only need to pay between $250 and $600.

Getting Started with Your Next Dental Departure

Overall, it’s easy to see why Tijuana has dominated dental tourism in Mexico. It’s accessible, saving you more money than in other locales. And it has some of the most seamless scheduling and appointment processes, keeping things stress-free and expedited. Lastly, it gives you easy access to quality care and an excuse to vacation. Who wouldn’t want to go on a simple, beneficial trip that guarantees pearly white teeth at a low cost?

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