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Our clinic receives not only patients but dozens of questions related to our services, Tijuana, and U.S. Customs, to name a few. As a basic guide, we’ve come up with a short FAQ section:


Do I Need a Passport to Visit Tijuana?


Absolutely. Recent regulations require all visitors, including those heading to border cities like Tijuana, to complete a Tourist Visa application. US citizens must possess a valid US Passport to gain entry.

What’s the Entry Process for Pedestrians?


Upon arrival in Tijuana on foot, approach the “Migracion” desk. Complete the Tourist Form, present your Passport, and breeze through the process. A one-week stay is free, but if you plan multiple visits, opt for a 180-day stay for $28. Once through Customs, follow the sidewalk to “Super Farmacia Milenia,” where our driver will be waiting. Coordinate with us before crossing for a smooth pickup.

How About Driving Across the Border?


Driving is a great option. Mexican Customs doesn’t demand a US Passport, but getting a tourist permit is advisable. Drive into Tijuana, locate the “Migracion” office in the main building ahead, and follow signs marked “Auto-declaration – Something to Declare.” Skip the Customs lanes, pass through a gap in the fence, park, and enter the building. Ask for directions to the “Migracion” office. Once your form is complete, receive a stamped passport and visa, and navigate Customs lanes. Before you start driving, notify us so our driver can guide you to our clinic.

What Documents Facilitate Easy Entry?


Consider obtaining a US Passport Card or an Enhanced Driver’s License, both equipped with an RFID chip. These documents grant access to “Ready Lanes” at US Customs, bypassing regular lines for quicker processing. The “Ready Lane” passage usually takes 15 to 45 minutes, ensuring a swift entry.

Is Tijuana Safe for Visitors?


Indeed, Tijuana is safe. The media’s portrayal can be misleading, but statistics speak volumes. Tijuana’s violent crime rate is comparable to San Diego’s and much lower than Los Angeles’. The city is far from exaggerated stereotypes, offering a safe environment for tourists.

How About Street Troubles?


Tijuana has faced its own challenges, but the police force has effectively addressed them. While crime isn’t nonexistent, it’s on par with many US cities. Applying common sense while out at night ensures a safe and enjoyable experience.

Can I Drive to Tijuana?


Yes, driving from the US is common. Pay attention to traffic and consider using the pay parking area near our clinic for convenience. Hotels also offer ample parking space for guests.

What If I Prefer Not to Drive?


No worries. Leave your vehicle at the US border and use the pedestrian lane. Our clinic is within walking distance and recommended hotels provide shuttle services to transport you between the clinic and your accommodations.

Why is Dental Work Cheaper in Tijuana?


Simple economics. Mexico’s lower costs stem from lower taxes, favorable regulations, and affordable business expenses. This cost-efficient environment allows Tijuana to provide top-quality dental care at a fraction of US prices, benefiting patients.


Now armed with answers, embark on your Tijuana adventure with confidence. Your journey promises enchanting experiences and cherished memories.

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