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Dental Crown Costs


Dental crowns are a trendy alternative these days. This is because they fulfill a variety of functions. They are often used to correct crooked teeth. They may be used to lengthen short teeth, repair damaged teeth, and even whiten your smile. Dental crowns are a terrific choice to deal with situations of severe tooth discoloration. You won’t have to use tubes and tubes of teeth whitening solutions when dental crowns can give you a brilliantly white smile.

However, the expenses vary greatly based on a variety of circumstances. One of them is the dentist you go to. Some people will just overpay you for no reason. What is the cost of dental crowns, and what factors influence it?

Dental crown prices


The average cost of a dental crown is about $600 per tooth. The price of a dental crown is determined by the purpose of the crown and the kind of material used. A crown for a dental implant, for example, will almost certainly cost more than a standard crown. A porcelain crown that is the same color as a natural tooth may be more expensive than a metal crown on rear molars.

Cost-influencing factors


As previously stated, the cost of the crowns is influenced by a variety of circumstances. These are some examples:

1. Crown Types

Metal crowns are often more expensive than plastic crowns. Crowns come in a variety of styles. When you chat with your dentist, he or she will be able to provide you with further information on the best kind for you.

2. The crowns’ durability

Metal crowns are thought to be more durable than other kinds of crowns. They do not crack or shatter as readily as other porcelain or resin crowns. However, they are not appropriate for front teeth and are therefore inapplicable when contemplating a dental crown. However, porcelain fused to metal may be utilized for front teeth and is sturdy because of the metal connection. When compared to porcelain or metal crowns, they are less expensive. However, since they are constructed of porcelain on the exterior and prone to chipping or cracking, they are still in danger of shattering.

3. Patients’ ages

Crowns for adults are more expensive than crowns for youngsters. However, in certain circumstances, they may be less expensive. Stainless steel crowns are helpful in protecting infant teeth that cannot support a filling. The caps are produced ahead of time and adjusted to fit over the tooth before being bonded with dental cement.

4. Crown insurance

You may save money on dental crowns if you have dental insurance. If you have a Medicaid-eligible kid, the cost of the crown is covered if there are medical grounds for it. Keep an eye out for perks and any annual spending limits.

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