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Main Clinic | Zona Rio


USA Phone: (619) 819-9442
Mexico Phone: +52 (664) 567-0770



Juan Ruiz de Alarcón 1572, Suite 2-1A, Zona Río, Tijuana, Baja California, México 22010


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Map and Directions to Guide You

We have two locations, one by the border, and our main clinic in Zona Rio, just minutes from the border. For those who drive across, we suggest parking right by the border in the EAZY PARK structure. If you are going to the border clinic, it is just across the street. If you are going to the main clinic, the driver will pick you up there, and take you back when you are finished. Cost is $.60 per hour, just 60 cents.

Flying to San Diego: Not only do have patients from Southern California, but many people come from all over the United States. For those who are flying in, we can arrange for transportation from the San Diego Airport, if you choose. Otherwise, it is simple to take public transportation from the airport to the border. Below you will find the instructions of how to get to the clinic from the airport of San Diego.

Uber will pick you up in front of the airport terminal. The cost is only $25. Tell them you want to go to the Chaparral Pedestrian crossing by the Plaza de Las Americas Outlet stores in San Ysidro. Takes just 25 minutes, and we will pick you up where you exit from the Mexican Customs. Just communicate by phone with your patient coordinator, when you are on your way.

Just communicate with your patient coordinator, and a ride can be arranged to bring you all the way across the border and deliver you to the clinic. The private driver, charges $60 each way.

From the airport, you will need to go out to the sidewalk by the baggage claim and find the bust stop. There is a bus stop in front of each terminal, and if you have trouble spotting it, just ask at the information desk in the lobby. From the San Diego Airport, you ride the 992 MTS bus. This isn’t difficult to identify since it’s the only type of bus that can go all the way to the airport. It also features two colors: red and white. As you board the bus, you will need exact change to pay the drive $7, and he will give you a “day pass” for the MTS system, which includes the bus, as well as the electric train, a.k.a. the “Trolley”, and will cover your fare all the way to the border, Inform the driver that you’re going to the trolley so he can drop you off at the American Plaza Station. The bus will drop you off across the street from the train station, so when you get off the bus, go across Broadway, and stand on the right side of the platform, the side next to the building. Look for a train that says San Ysidro/Tijuana (blue line). Ride the trolley until you can reach its ultimate stop, which is right at the U.S. Customs area.

Getting off the trolley, walk South, down the platform on the side where the McDonalds is. Just follow the people. You will go up a ramp that leads to a gate that says “MEXICO” in big letters.

One of the great things about the clinic is that it sits close to the U.S. border. In fact, you can leave your car on the U.S. side, go through customs by foot, and be where our driver will pick you up in just 5 minutes! Since there are two places for pedestrians to  walk across the border, decide which one works best for you. One the West side of the freeway is the Chaparral crossing, next to the Outlet stores. The other is next to the trolley tracks on the East side.

If you drive to the border, the easiest place to park is on the east side of the freeway. Take the exit 1-A, for Camino de la Plaza. At the traffic light at the end of the exit ramp, turn right and then an immediate right again, to park in the Border Station parking.  The Chaparral entry to Mexico is across the street.

Or, if you want to cross on the east side, by the trolley tracts, when you com to the light at the end of the exit ramp, turn left, and go up over the bridge. At the end of the bridge is a traffic light, (you will see a Burger King on your left). You will see several places to park, but one good one is to turn right at the light, and go toward the border. You will immediately see the entrance to a secure parking lot on your right. Park there, or behind the Jack in the Box you will see further down on your left. After parking your car, walk down the side of the train tracks toward the border.

Call us first, before you cross into Mexico, so we can give you instructions. Once you are through the gate entering Mexico, at either one of the pedestrian crossings, just follow the people. You will enter the door of the Mexican Customs office for pedestrians. Walk through the office, and when you exit, you will just walk down the sidewalk all the way until you come to a street where you will see a lot of taxis waiting to pick up people. If you are being picked up by our driver, you will see him there in a red Nissan March, with a white tooth on the side. It says “MEXICO DENTAL NETWORK on the door.

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Our Awesome Team of Dentists in Mexico

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