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Dental Care + A Vacation

Do you have lots of dental work that needs to be done? Maybe you’re putting it off because of the cost. Most people do, but it is important to your health that you have good oral hygiene. What if I told you that you can get your dental needs taken care of for less than half the price your local dentist office will charge you in the United States? It’s true! But for this affordable dental care, you may have to travel a little. Yes, that’s right; the best place to get affordable quality dental care is Tijuana Mexico.

Tijuana Mexico is filled with hundreds of great dental offices. What is also great is that it is right across the border. If you live in the San Diego Area that’s even better, but even if you live as far as Nebraska this is still a great opportunity for you. Thousands of people cross the border into Mexico each day. And yes it is safe! Did you know that there are thousands of Americans that cross the Mexico-US border every day? Some for business, some for vacation, Sum just because, and some for Dental Care.

In Tijuana, you get the same great quality dental care as the United States but for a fraction of the cost. Also, another great advantage is you can get your dental work done and a vacation at the same time. Tijuana has tons of attractions and is a tourist town. You can walk down the famous Revolution Blvd, visit the beach in Playas, visit museums, and if you wanted to go a little further south, you can visit Playas de Rosarito, This little town is very quiet and has great beaches. Both Tijuana and Rosarito have many options when it comes to food. You will find Traditional Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and American. Plenty of choices. Some dental care requires more than one office visit so bring a loved one with you and do some sightseeing with you wait for your next appointment. With Dr. Mexico – Tijuana Dentist Center we provide a patient coordinator that can help you with all your questions and get you from the airport and across the border. Give Dr. Mexico – Tijuana Dentist Center a call today and start planning your dental vacation!

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