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Take Care of Your Dentures


Who wouldn’t want to have beautiful teeth well into old age? However, it often happens that tooth decay, periodontal disease or trauma-related causes can lead to an undesirable premature gap in the dentition, even at a young age. When teeth have been lost, the lack of one or more teeth negatively affects your quality of life, because laughing, speaking, or chewing can be more difficult and sometimes the pain reduces the joy of eating.

If your natural teeth are no longer healthy or if you have lost teeth in an accident, one of the most effective solutions is getting dentures. As part of the treatment plan, your dentist will suggest a fixed or a removable denture. If you are thinking about getting dentures, below are practical tips to help you take care of them.

Denture care tips


The denture is technically a removable prosthesis that is used to replace the function of lost teeth. Dentists design the structure of this prosthesis based on the shape of the dental arch, the gums and the patient’s needs. To maintain good oral health, it is essential to take care of them with the same attention that is reserved for natural dentition.

It must be remembered that even if the denture performs the function of natural teeth, it is still a prosthesis, and must be kept as such. The removable prosthesis must be cleaned after every meal and when it is removed for the night, it must be washed with special cleaning agents that are usually in the form of tablets diluted in water. These are readily available in pharmacies and drug stores.

Those who use dentures often live with the nightmare that they may come off at the least opportune moments. To avoid the dental prosthesis from falling off, you can use liquid adhesives or strips. In addition, many people take some time to get used to the feeling of wearing dentures, so a good suggestion for the first few days with the prosthesis is to eat soft foods in small pieces, in order to gradually become familiar with the new teeth. Finally, keep in mind that having a removable dental prosthesis does not exclude periodic checks by the dentist. To learn more or get dentures at affordable rates, get in touch with us today. Our specialists for dental implants place hundreds of implants per year and have the experience to help you regain a radiant smile and permanent, firm bite.

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