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Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Strong


If you have noticed, a healthy and radiant smile is attractive and contagious and it makes people smile with you. Most of us prefer to talk to someone who has healthy, clean, and white teeth. So why can’t we have the same kind of teeth?

You must have discipline to maintain a healthy smile. We recommend you visit the dentist at least 2 times a year to prevent any disease in your mouth, you must practice good oral hygiene, and follow a healthy diet that doesn’t have too many sweeteners, but the most important step will be brushing your teeth at least 3 times a day.

Some recommendations to know how to brush your teeth are:

  1. The brushing time should be at least 2 minutes; it should always be after eating and at the time of waking up and before bedtime. No matter how many times you brush your teeth, they can be more than 3 a day, depending on your diet and activities.
  2.  The brush should have soft bristles, so it doesn’t damage the gums. Brush all sides of the tooth, forward, back, and top. Use circular and straight movements for better results.
  3. The toothbrush must be replaced every time the bristles are already worn, some brushes bring an indicator line, but we recommended it every 3 months.

When you finish eating, it will be necessary to rinse your mouth with water and then wait approximately 30 minutes to brush your teeth, the reason is that some foods produce acid and the enamel becomes soft. It is much better to let the enamel get strengthened again.

In the case of children, it is highly recommended that they practice oral hygiene habits since they have their first milk teeth. You should teach them how to brush their teeth just as you do it.

A very important element to prevent tooth decay is toothpaste, it must have fluoride. This compound strengthens tooth enamel and helps us make teeth less vulnerable to decay. For adults, the level of fluoride in toothpaste should be between 1350 to 1500 ppm (point per million). For children, the recommended amount will be 1000 ppm since it has less fluoride than a regular one but enough to protect their teeth from decay. Children should always be accompanied by an adult to see that they don’t swallow toothpaste.

Once you finish brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth briefly so that the fluoride remains as possible, this element protects your teeth against decay.

A very important step is the use of dental floss because it eliminates the food and bacteria that remains between the teeth and are unattainable by the toothbrush. Use it at least once a day and before brushing, this way the fluoride will have a better effect on your teeth.

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