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Take Care of the Health of your Teeth


There are many reasons to take care of your teeth and your mouth, and they not only have to do with the aesthetic issue. The teeth fulfill several important functions for your body, they are used to chew the food you eat. In other words, the mouth is the first step in the digestive process. Imagine if you didn’t have teeth, you could only follow a liquid diet or crushed food and that is not the only function of the mouth, it is also essential to speak well and, therefore, to communicate and make sure people understand what you are saying. In that case, it is the tongue that allows you to form words with the help of lips and teeth.

Other parts of your denture that can be affected are the gums, they also can develop a disease such as gingivitis and there could be other disorders in your mouth such as blisters, inflammations, infections, or loss of teeth, among others.

Dental health depends on three important factors:

  • Oral hygiene, which consists of properly brushing your teeth after eating.
  • Low-carb diet: sugars that are frequently ingested in the diet, and that remain for long periods on the surface of the teeth, serve as food in the cariogenic bacteria of the oral cavity.
  • Susceptibility of the individual to tooth decay, where the presence of congenital defects of the tissues of the tooth, inheritance, be of the family that suffers from tooth decay. Individuals presenting these characteristics should be more careful in their oral hygiene.

The most common oral conditions are caries and periodontal disease.

Remember that maintaining a routine of good care of the mouth and teeth helps you prevent the appearance of cavities, tooth loss, gum pain, or other problems in the future, as well as maintaining a pleasant breath and a pretty smile. If you have a problem with your teeth or are concerned about something related to your mouth, visit us as soon as possible to avoid complications. Caring for your mouth is the best way to have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Good oral health is not difficult to achieve, but it does require discipline. Use these tips throughout life to take care of your mouth and teeth.

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