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At Dr. Mexico dental clinic, we offer very competitive prices when compared to other local dental clinics. But, when comparing to US prices, there is simply no comparison! Look at the price list below and see what we charge for dental work in Mexico, here at our Tijuana Dentist office. You can compare the prices to the average US dental clinic to see the savings!

Dental Implants: First stage – surgical placement of the implant into the jawbone. $800 each. Check out Dental Implant for more info.

“All on 4” or “all on 6” fixed hybrid bridge: This is not a denture, but a prosthesis made of zirconia with porcelain, or a less expensive acrylic with resin. It is made to screw onto previously placed dental implants and is permanently secured into place. Hybrid bridge of acrylic and resin $3000, or of zirconia and porcelain, $5000. Check out Fixed Dental Appliances for more info.

Smile Makeover packages: For upper smile only, 8 crowns or veneers of e-max porcelain or zirconia: $3800. For a full smile of 16 crowns or veneers, e.max porcelain or zirconia: $7500. Check Smile Makeovers for more info.

Root canals: For front teeth $280. Molars cost $310. Check out Root Canal for more info.

From dental implants in Mexico to crowns, veneers, dentures, and root canals, please know that we use the same high-quality materials as in the US. In fact, much of the material used in the US is actually manufactured in Mexico. Also, we use an advanced, high-tech, state-of-the-art dental lab, to produce the work. Our Mexican dentists also have superior training and continue to keep up with the latest advancements in dental techniques, attending advanced seminars at dental congress events. Some of them may be young, but they are all well-trained and have a lot of on hands experience.


See our full price list below:


We offer multiple forms of payment, and while most people prefer to pay their dentist bills with credit cards, there is an advantage to paying with cash. Because we can avoid the additional bank charges, and poor bank exchange rates on the dollar, if you pay your bill in cash, the patient coordinator may be able to offer a discount, depending on the treatment & the type of dentist you will need to see.

Payment must be made for work as it is done. In other words, if you have your teeth prepared for crowns, on the first day of treatment, you must pay at least 50% of the crowns, to cover the dental lab fees. The balance is to be paid the day you come back to finish. If you come for dental implants, on the day of treatment, you will pay for the implants. You won’t have to pay for stage two until you come back to continue treatment. 

*Before dental implant surgery is done, we will ask for payment prior to the surgery. The trauma of surgery makes it difficult to go through the payment process. Especially when the patient asks for sedation.

**When the patients come back for cementing on of crowns, they will be shown how the crowns look, placing them temporarily in the patient’s mouth, and getting approval of the shade and shape of the crowns. But before the final cementing of crowns, we will ask for payment to be made.

Most dental work, i.e. crowns, will take 5 days for the lab to make. If it is for a full smile makeover, 20 crowns or more, it might take 8 days of lab time. However, we can ask the lab to expedite the work, for which they will charge us an additional amount, to put our work ahead of the work from another clinic. The cost for expedited work is an additional 10%. For a small number of crowns, we can sometimes get them back the next day, or in two days, by expediting the dental work.  For a full smile, even expedited, it will take 4- or 5-days lab time. When you are in the clinic, the dentist will have to check with the lab to see how quickly they can do a “rush order”.


Payment Options


We provide various payment options to our patients, allowing them to choose the one which is most
convenient and comfortable for them.

  1. Cash
  2. Money Orders, Traveler’s Checks, or Cashier’s Check
  3. Visa/Master Card 
  4. PayPal


With a Money order or Travelers Check, available at the bank, you can leave the name of the recipient open, and we will fill it in.

 If you are afraid to carry physical currency, we have a POS terminal in our clinic and can accept Visa and Mastercard payments. However, there will be an additional 5% charge due to new bank/government regulations.

If you already have a PayPal account established, you can use our office Wi-Fi to log into your account and make a transfer by clicking on “Send Money”.


Payment Policy


As much of the work is done in stages, you will only be charged for the work that is being completed on any given visit. However, we do require a deposit of 50% down for work that must be sent to the dental lab, such as crowns and dentures. This deposit must be made before the lab will begin the work.

Many of our services can be reimbursed through one of the major PPO Dental Insurance plans. If you carry insurance, simply contact your provider before confirming your appointment with us, to verify their process for reimbursement on work done at a clinic outside of the US.


Before dental work is cemented into place, we will ask for your approval as to size, shape, and color. If you decide you want a different size, shape, or color before cementing, we can make the requested changes at no cost.

However, if a change is requested after cementing, we will need to charge 50% of the listed price, to cover the cost of the additional lab and material fees.




We are so confident in what we do that all our services are guaranteed. We have one of the best dental teams in Tijuana, we invest in the best equipment, give excellent attention to detail, and are part of an amazing network of professional dental specialists.

Our guarantee covers the repair of any issues that are a consequence of manufacturing defects or treatment errors on our part, without additional cost to you, as long as said repairs are done here in our clinic. We cannot reimburse you for work done in another clinic.


Our guarantee does not cover issues arising from factors outside of our control. These include but are not limited to, poor dental hygiene, accidents, pre-existing diseases, hereditary problems, the failure to follow the care instructions of your dentist, etc.

 Our guarantee doesn’t cover travel-related expenses such as hotel, fuel, and food. Though traveling back to Tijuana for additional work may be inconvenient, we believe it is more than offset by the large cost savings gained by doing your work with us.

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