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Root Canal Therapy in Tijuana


What is a root canal?

A root canal is a space in the center of a tooth, known as the pulp chamber. It travels down the entire length of the tooth to the tip. Depending on the anatomy of the tooth there may be more than one canal in each tooth.

Reasons for Root Canal Therapy

The tiny canals contain the pulp of the tooth, also referred to as the nerve. Any trauma or infection of the nerve will result in the need for Root Canal Therapy. The most common reasons for Root Canal therapy are.

· An abscessed tooth, also known as infected from decay.

· A tooth that is dying slowly due to aging or past trauma.

· Trauma, such as a broken or chipped tooth that results in the exposure of the nerve

How is Root Canal Therapy performed?

Root Canal Therapy can be performed in one or more office visits. If you are having Root Canal Therapy due to infection your dentist may prescribe you antibiotics before starting the procedure. The first step is the dentist will give you a local anesthetic to “Numb” the tooth that is being worked on. Next, an x-ray will be taken of the entire tooth. The dentist will refer back to this x-ray during the procedure. A rubber dam will be placed over your mouth. This is used to protect your tooth that is being worked on from saliva and keep the tooth very dry. Next, your dentist will clean your tooth with chemical solutions to disinfect the tooth and surrounding areas.

Next, your dentist will drill a tiny hole through the tooth and into the nerve. He will then use tiny files to remove the nerve and any infected tissue. Once the tooth has been cleaned out entirely, depending on if the tooth was infected he may impact the tooth with medication and seal the tooth with a temporary filling, he will then have you return on a later date to finish the Root Canal Therapy.

When you have returned for your second visit your dentist will remove the medicine-coated material from your tooth and then place a material called Gutta Percha. This material will seal the inside canal of the tooth. Your dentist will then remove any remaining decay from the tooth and then close the tooth with a permanent filling.

When the Root Canal Therapy is completed your dentist may recommend a Dental Crown for your tooth. The Dental Crown Helps protect the tooth from cracking or breaking as well as cosmetically make the tooth appear like a nice normal tooth.

Will you experience pain or discomfort after the procedure?

When the local anesthetic has worn off, you may experience pain or discomfort. Discuss with your dentist your options for pain relievers. If there was an infection present your dentist will prescribe you will antibiotics to clear up the infection.

How much does Root Canal Therapy cost?

Root Canal Therapy in Tijuana Mexico will cost $235 to $285 per tooth. In the United States, it will cost about $800 per tooth. Coming to Dr. Mexico – Tijuana Dentist Center will save you more than $500. That is fantastic savings!

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