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Root Canals in Tijuana

Root canal therapy is used when a cavity has become too large and the nerve inside the tooth has become damaged. The tooth will become extremely painful and the dentist will perform a root canal. The damaged nerve will be removed from the tooth and the tooth will be packed with a material called gutta purcha. Root canal therapy can leave the tooth very fragile, so it is important to have a crown placed over the treated tooth.

The crown provides strength as well as approves at the appearance of the tooth. A lot of patients have had root canal therapy but never had the crowns placed because either the crowns are not covered by their insurance, or they are way too expensive to pay for on your own. Most people figure well the root canal therapy took my pain away so my problem is salved right? Wrong! Not having a crown placed on a tooth that is very fragile can cost you later on down the road. What if it’s a tooth breaks? What if it’s a tooth in the front? Even worse, now you will be walking around with an unsightly looking tooth.

It’s better to just get the crown placed in the beginning to avoid all this trouble. Crowns can be expensive in the United States but not Mexico. In Tijuana Mexico a standard crown cost just $240 compared to $755 in the United States. If you have had root canal therapy but not had crowns placed. Call Dr. Mexico – Tijuana Dentist Center today. We have a wonderful patient coordinator that can answer all your questions and help with planning your trip to our dental office.

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