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Six Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Teeth

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Your teeth can be damaged by a number of things, some of which are so common that we usually ignore them. Many people go about their daily lives not giving oral hygiene a second thought and are even unaware that some habits can be detrimental to our oral health.

Here are some lifestyle choices that can harm not just your teeth, but your overall oral health as well. See if you might be engaging in some of the common lifestyle practices that can harm your teeth by reading the list below.

Nail Biting

When people bite their nails, they transfer dirt and germs from under their fingernail to their mouth. This can lead to gingivitis, as well as wear and tear of the tooth enamel. If left unchecked, gingivitis can eventually lead to periodontitis, a severe gum disease.

Over-brushing teeth

This refers to patients who brush their teeth too vigorously, causing abrasion of the gums. Abrasion leads to recession of the gum line, which in turn causes pain, sensitivity, and cavities. If the abrasion has been occurring for a number of years, gum surgery may be required.

Grinding of teeth

It affects a lot of people, but typically goes unnoticed until symptoms appear. This is caused by a variety of factors: trauma, stress and anxiety, genetics, arthritis in the jaw. Usually, patients are not aware of the condition until their dentist alerts them to it or they experience symptoms. This can cause a number of issues if left untreated, including tooth thinning, jaw and muscle pain, headaches, difficulty opening your mouth, chewing, and tooth cracking.

Intake of acidic foods and drinks

Alcohol, soda, soft drinks, sparkling water, and acidic fruits and juices are all thought to be bad for your teeth. Particularly if not properly rinsed after consumption. This may result in acid erosion, and which can eventually completely destroy your tooth enamel. This might expose the interior of the tooth, causing sensitivity and pain. Additionally, it weakens the tooth. Simply gargling with warm water and brushing your teeth 30 minutes after every meal will help remove the acid from your teeth.


We are all aware of the detrimental effects smoking has on our health, particularly on our lungs and nervous system. Smoking also increases your risk of developing oral cancer and gum disease, which pose risks to your general health. In addition to these effects, the nicotine in tobacco can stain teeth.

Using your teeth as a tool

Do you open a bag of chips with your teeth or a bottle cap? Although it might seem easy and you wouldn’t think it could damage your teeth, this could lead to a trip to your dental office. Using your teeth to open things rather than the proper tools can harm them and cause them to become chipped, cracked, or completely broken.

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