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The Bests Dentists in Tijuana


The frozen cocktails and the sandy beaches are why many Americans and Canadians travel South to Mexico; others, however,  cross the border for the high quality of dentistry available here at a mere fraction of the cost of the same treatments at home. 

Granted, a trip to the dentist doesn’t immediately strike anyone as a fun excursion to kill some time during a vacation. Still, it is undoubtedly the most affordable way to get the smile you desire. 

While dentistry in Mexico is a booming business due to the high quality and low cost, you don’t just google ‘Dentist in Tijuana’ and call the first one you see. Like making a dentist appointment anywhere at any time, you need to be sure you are trusting a reputable and skilled dentist that has the experience and the knowledge to handle your treatment.

At Dr. Mexico, Tijuana Dentist Center, we have a team of top-rated board-certified dentists. When you visit Dr. Mexico, you will be expertly cared for by our capable team led by Dr Elizabeth Orozco. 

All of our dentists on the team pride themselves on the clear communication we ensure we have with all our patients. We make sure every patient we treat is given all the necessary information to guide their recovery functionally and aesthetically.

If you are considering traveling to Mexico for affordable yet high-quality dental care, then you are in the right place on the right website. For top-rated dentistry services, Dr. Mexico specializes in dental tourism. We have three of the best board-certified dentists in Mexico who provide a vast array of treatments for a wide range of oral conditions.

The most modern and advanced technology available to dentists is here in our dental lab, allowing us to treat the most complex cases, including oral implantation, prosthodontics, crowns, veneers, full mouth restorations, and many, many more available treatments.

Whether traveling to us from the United States or Canada, we will talk you through your treatment plan and the costs involved, so there are no surprises regarding your procedure.

To schedule an appointment with the highest-quality dentists in Tijuana, look no further than Dr. Mexico, Tijuana Dentist Center.

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