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Why choose Tijuana for dental care

3 Great Reasons to choose Tijuana

Here are 3 great reasons to choose Tijuana Mexico for your dental tourism vacation. The first great reason to choose Tijuana is it is easily accessible. Tijuana is right across the border from the US and is only 15 minutes from the San Diego. Flying into Mexico is fairly inexpensive even from as far as Chicago or New York. Crossing the border is easy too. You can either walk across or drive with no trouble at all. Whatever you are comfortable with. If it is easier for you to walk across, most dental offices in Tijuana will pick you up right at the border and take you to your hotel, or dental appointment free of charge.

The second great reason is Tijuana is a tourist town. Tijuana is full of Americans visiting everyday. You won’t stick out like a sore thumb and will fit in naturally. Also Tijuana is filled with tons of American business. There is Sears, Home Depot, Costco, McDonalds, Carls Jr. and that’s just to name a few. There are many more. Tijuana also has tons of tourist attractions to visit while waiting for your dental appointment. You can play a round of golf or lay out on the beach. If you like to shop then Tijuana is the place for you. You can walk down the world famous Revolucion Blvd, or go to the shopping mall in Centro (Downtown).

The third great reason and I will say it is the best reason of them all is the savings. The savings are unbelievable and the quality of care is out of this world. The dentists are highly trained and qualified. Tijuana dentist also use the same high tech equipment as the United States!

No it’s not too good to be true, it’s just true! See for yourself. Call Dr. Mexico – Tijuana Dentist Center today!

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