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Why to condider Tijuana for Dental work?

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Thinking about going to Tijuana Mexico to get your dental work done?

Have you been putting off the dental work that you need done? Is the reason you are putting off the dental work because you can’t afford insurance? Or you don’t have Insurance at all? You are not alone. Now days even the smallest procedure can put a huge dent in your wallet. You go in for a checkup thinking you just need a simple cleaning and maybe a cavity taken care of and you walk out with a bill for $500.

Well if this sounds like you then I have a simple solution for you. Tijuana Mexico is filled with qualified dentist that can do all the dental work you need for more than half the price of the US. I know what you’re probably thinking. Tijuana? It’s dangerous, it’s in Mexico, and I will have to travel there. And I’m sure there is plenty of more questions your thinking of.

There is a Stereotype that if something cost less it is not as good quality as the ones that cost more. This stereotype goes with everything now days, clothes, cars, electronics, food, and even dental work. It cost more so it must be better right? Wrong. Not at all especially with dental care in Mexico. The only reason that dental care cost less in Mexico is because of the cost of living is different. Office space rental is cheaper, electric bills, and water bills are much less so the overhead expenses are much less than in the United States. All Dentists are trained and qualified to perform all the same dental Procedures as the US.


What about all the crime?

The truth is there is crime in every city, every state, and every country. Hundreds of thousands of Americans cross into Mexico each day. Some find trouble and some don’t. You only find trouble if you go looking for it. It’s good to be street smart anywhere you go, weather it’s in the United States or Mexico.


Its too far to travel.

Yes it can be a long way from home for your dental care but if you are saving thousands of dollars it’s worth it. Plus at the same time you can have a mini vacation. Tijuana and its surrounding cities have so much to offer as entertainment and Great food. Also flights to San Diego California are always very low for round trip tickets. With Dr. Mexico – Tijuana Dentist Center there is the option of being picked up at the airport and be brought across the border to your hotel. They will even pick you up at your hotel and take you to your dental appointments and when finished they will return you to your hotel, How great is that?

Prices list Mexico versus United States

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These are just some of the procedures and prices. As you can see Mexico prices are significantly less the in the United States.

Call Dr. Mexico – Tijuana Dentist Center today and let us help you plan your trip to Tijuana Mexico and repair your smile!

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