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Do Dental Veneers Work On Smaller Teeth?

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Dental patients in Zona Rio Tijuana, Mexico, seeking a straightforward and effective procedure for improving their smiles, are going with veneers — skyrocketing in popularity. 

Dentists shape and adjust a veneer’s size and shade to match a patient’s unique specifications. Hence, you can be confident you’ll walk away with a smile you can proudly show off. 

But what happens if you have smaller teeth than average? Will veneers still serve their purpose? Find out below.

Veneers: Defined 

Veneers are durable yet thin shells made of different materials (often porcelain) that offer a natural look. They mimic your tooth’s enamel translucency well. And thanks to their efficiency, strength, and flexibility, veneers have skyrocketed in popularity. 

After all, what other dental cosmetic procedure lets you completely customize the outcome? You can have your veneer’s shape, size, and shade made to your exact specifications.

How Do Dental Veneers Work?

Dentists attach dental veneers to your tooth’s front surface. Preparation of the actual tooth is straightforward, often only involving the removal of a thin layer of enamel. Although this part may not seem to do much, it helps ensure the veneer fits snugly over the tooth.

Dental veneers are flexible and can hide various dental problems, such as the following:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracks
  • Discolored teeth
  • Stains
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Gaps 

Another benefit exclusive to veneers is that they don’t need special care to last for a while. You must follow your dentist’s instructions and your routine at-home oral hygiene regimen. 

But you will want to avoid participating in harmful acts like chewing on hard and sticky foods. 

They can loosen up your dental veneers, placing your teeth at a higher risk of damage.

Besides, as long as you care for your mouth well and regularly visit your dentist, your veneers should last for years.

Are Dental Patients with Smaller Teeth Good Candidates for Veneers?

Having smaller teeth doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the many benefits veneers offer. So, if you’re apprehensive about asking your dentist about getting dental veneers due to your smaller-than-average teeth — don’t be!

Getting veneers can help correct those appearance issues, reverting your small teeth to the average size. They help create a longer and wider look while offering a better fit in your mouth. And though this might be an illusion, it’s a little secret you get to keep for yourself. 

The natural looks of veneers ensure no one will question your smile’s appearance. 

So, although you might’ve always considered orthodontics as the only answer to the gaps made by your small teeth, that’s no longer the case! 

As long as you have straight teeth, it doesn’t matter if they’re small, as dental veneers accommodate all sizes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are those with smaller teeth not suitable candidates for veneers?

A: As long as you have straight and strong teeth, you can be a suitable candidate for veneers, regardless of their size! Patients can only be unsuitable if they have a misaligned bite or teeth. These cases put a lot of pressure or force on your teeth, causing the veneers to crack over time.

Q: Do dental veneers have limitations?

A: As durable as they are, dental veneers also have their limitations. They aren’t indestructible and can break, chip, or worse, fall off if you eat or drink the wrong things. And neglecting your oral hygiene can also weaken your natural teeth, making the veneers looser and eventually prompting them to slip off.

Q: When should I NOT get dental veneers?

A: If you have worn-down teeth caused by grinding or clenching, getting veneers might not be your best option. After all, worn-down teeth make it difficult for the dental veneer to stick to their surfaces, making them loose.

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